I'm sick!

2006-03-16 - 9:30 a.m.

So --

I am sick. It's a cold. It's actually a sort of nice cold. I came home yesterday and felt perfectly justified in sitting on the couch and watch Kill Bill.

N. is on a serious netfl*cks program. We're going to watch movies as soon as they come, and then return them. Okay!

K has severe sleep apnea. So he has to go in next week and get some kind of sleeping apparatus. We're all kind of waiting to see what that will be like, but it will be great for him to actually get some reasonable sleep ...

Appliances and windows are being picked out. By me, mostly. I know stainless is the grooviest, but would it be so terrible to get white? It's cheaper, and it's also not groovy, which is always what does appeal to me. But will I be sorry? Hmmm. Right now I just need to know the sizes, so it's not completely critical.

My resistance to the groovy is a pretty deep thing, though.

And if we don't get stainless, we could justify buying the refrigerator with the two doors on top (freezer on the bottom, but french doors on the top). Or not, and it would be even cheaper!

Thrilling matters, I know.

And now, I am pretty swamped.

And sick, did I mention that?

heh heh heh

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