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2006-03-17 - 5:29 p.m.

Okay, the terrible crisis (click back) appears to be resolved.

And now I'm sort of wiped out and ready to go home. Perhaps M and K and I will go out to a movie. N is over at E's house.

Yes, we are living in a world of initials, here.

Otherwise, it was actually sort of a good day. I got things crossed off my list. I've been fairly productive here at work. The weather is beautiful -- blue sky with a mix of interesting clouds. The kids are being sweet and good (I think). The people at the post office were kind to me. I like the doors we picked out ....

About the contractor -- of course he has every right to not tell me where he was. It's only that he wouldn't that makes it at all interesting. Where could he be that he wouldn't want to tell? Maybe he didn't want me second guessing whether he could get to a fax machine or not. Maybe he was, oh, at his kid's play, which he did not want to leave to fax something to me. That would make perfect sense, and he might not want to tell me and have me say -- but my crisis is more important! And even if I would not have said it, I might have thought it. Better not to tell me.

Or -- perhaps he was in the midst of something nefarious.


Okay. Enough of this.

I'll give you my thoughts on college applications later. Just this -- it is all completely arbitrary. I am convinced of that. Yet still, you can't help thinking it means something. I, for one, can not help being hurt that some admission committee would think that they wanted some other kid and not mine. And yet, the more I see, the more I know that it is governed by lots of things, but not necessarily the abstract goodness of the candidates.

And also, a colleague's son is a junior. They've been seeing a college counselor, which is apparently just a necessity. According to said counselor, the poor kid must do something organized this summer. Never mind that he works hard all year in very rigorous classes, and will go back and do more of the same next year. He wants to spend the summer working on his studio art portfolio and hanging out on the beach, but that is not enough, apparently. This is insane! What about the people who aren't joiners of programs? What about the kids who want to spend the summer reading all of Dickens? What about the value of boredom, and coming up with your own program?

If I had a ton of money, I would set up a scholarship, and you could only get it is you worked really hard and spent a lot of time in unorganized activity.

I mean really --


Okay. I guess that's really all I had to say --

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