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2006-03-20 - 3:36 p.m.

I am so scattered, and my head so full of window details and thoughts about flooring, that I really can't even think about what I might want to say.

It's pouring again.

N and M are both home sick with my cold. N called at 10:30 to ask to come home after latin. I got her home, and stocked with sizzling rice soup and a fire in the wood stove and some tea and the dishwasher emptied, and I was heading back to work when a call came from M, who was also not feeling so hot. So I turned around and brought her home. Meanwhile, it was hailing!

Some people came by on Saturday who may be interested in our house. I hope they are -- it would make it easier, but also I kind of like them, and I'd like to know the people who will buy our house. It's such a nice house -- on a hill, airy and light -- So that would be great, if it works out. We'll see.

I am so happy that we did not go to that wedding. Those people came over on Saturday. Sunday, M finished her enormous English project and N played the sims all day. K went to work, but then came home for the sopranos. It was just a nice lazy day, during which we actually did get stuff done. If we'd gone, it would have been chaos and we would have come home tired and crabby. My sister said she was sad, but honestly, if you get married in the middle of march, you might expect attendance to be spotty.

So --

I am in dire need of a haircut. Perhaps I should call about that Right Now.

Also, I've begun knitting another sock, and it's really pretty. It's one of those self-striping patterns. It's very busy -- it's white and black and red and green and blue and purple. It sounds hideous, but it's actually pretty. Perhaps the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Oh, I know what else we did -- we watched movies! Kill Bill 2, and Mala Educacion and ... something else I've forgotten. Oh, the Royal Tenenbaums. And I planted some flowers. Hollyhocks along the fence.

All right. There are three more hideous thinkgs on my list, and I think I'll take care of them right away.

ha! (I am swishing my hamza hanza sword at the list objects. They are trembling.)


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