2006-03-22 - 9:52 a.m.

I've really been quite productive, and now there are really only two huge list areas that remain to be dealt with. But since this is a wacky sort of day -- M out at 12; N at 3; both somewhat ailing -- it's unlikely I'll get much done.

I went by the house on the way home last night. I know I've been quite remiss with the pictures, (in part becase of the super-secret nature of this diary, which just complicates things logistically), but -- It's an old house built in 1906. Apparently it was built in July by someone named John Stewart, who also built it's two neighbors. the three look like triplets. It was built, I'd guess, to accomodate people moving out of SF after the earthquake. Anyway -- it's a two story brown shingle (sort of a common type around here). Ours is currently a three bedroom, but through the third bedroom is a fourth room -- a sort of a sleeping porch, with a low slanting ceiling and windows all around. Anyway, last night when I stopped by, I saw that they'd knocked out the wall between the third bedroom and the sleeping porch. They did this in preparation for replacing the wall with a closet, but my god -- it's so lovely with the wall gone! The bedroom becomes this lovely, lightfilled room. It would be fabulous to leave it like that. We sort of need the third bedroom as Kevin's study, so I guess we really do need to close it up again, but it's worth remembering. When we're old, and the girls have gone away, K can use one of their bedrooms for his study, and we can open up that wall and have a glorious bedroom.

Another cool thing is that you can see the outside of the house as it was when the sleeping porch was added -- it was shingled, all right, and the shingles were stained green. Pretty, actually.

It's like doing archaeology!

Okay -- back to work --

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