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2006-03-23 - 10:42 a.m.


N and I went to get passport photos on the way home yesterday. I look very bad, and she looks worse. K actually laughed at them when we showed him. Ha.

So I guess we'll use the slightly less bad ones we took about a month ago.

N assured me that I wasn't really as goofy looking in person, and she certainly isn't, either.

5 kids that I know about from M's school have gotten into really good schools for next year. (This is phenomenal, in a class of 36 where lots of kids go to public or parochial schools. And I only know about certain girls --) One friend in particular (whose parents have no money) got a scholarship to a very good school. Three other kids got in there as well, and her good friend M got into an even harder and much coveted school, as well as another good school. It's sort of amazing. I think it's in part due to having a new person do the high school admissions. It will really help M's school, too, to recruit kids fro middle school. I feel sort of vindicated, too, since, with M and z, I felt like I had convinced their parents that Middle School B was a good place, and I wasn't quite sure they were all that happy with it. But apparently so, because now Z's little sister will go there, too, which I'm happy about. I like Middle School B. For some reason it's not quite as prestigious as Middle School A or Middle School P. But to me, it seems that its academics are right where they should be, and in addition it sort of fosters the goofiness in kids. Kids at A and P tend to wear more make-up and be more concerned about cliques. Kids at B seem to have a few more years to be goofy and wear goofy clothes and really to be more kids than teenagers.

I think M feels a little bereft about it, actually. She asked me this morning if I thought she would have gotten into any of those schools if she'd applied. I think she might have, actually -- she's got straight As, plus would have gotten good references from at least three teachers I can think of. It is kind of hard, though, especially since apparently no one is going to LUPS with her, although a couple friends from elementary school and even preschool will -- but they may well come with other school friends. Plus, any change is worrying, especially when you're M.

Oh dear, oh dear.


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