The hair report

2006-03-28 - 10:12 a.m.

Quick, quick, quick.

We had a lovely weekend, did I tell you this? We drove up to the mountains late Fruday night. We beat the storm, which by all rights should have attacked us and frozen us and caused us to spend the night stalled on the road and freezing. But it didn't, and we got to the cabin and N and I even went out (at 2:00 am) to admire the incredible number of stars.

Saturday we woke up and were snowed in! The road over the mountain was closed, so were forced to hang out and eat chocolate and play scrabble and read and go on snowy adventures. N had to take lots of pictures. We saw an igloo, which was really cool.

Sunday was bright and sunny. We ate and cleaned up and packed and went in search of the porcupine and showed M the igloo. Then we went over the mountain and went skiing and then drove home. I read 50 pages of My Antonia on the way home (it took about 2 hours - jesus) to catch M up to where she should be. We got home in plenty of time for the Sopranos, and for M to go to her dreaded math review session. Success!

Yesterday, the girls had haircuts after school, and then we walked up the street and had Indian food for dinner. Quite delicious. A success.

This morning was a teeny disaster, in that N and I had would M's hair (which is very thick, auburn, and very very long, even post-haircut) into tiny little knobs all over her head to make it curly for today. But N's knobs in particular were too tight, and it came out very poofy and frizzy (and quite pretty, I thought). Disaster! She had two pictures today, and now she would be memorialized in the year book with hair not her own! My god it is hard to be 14. Should she take a shower and defrizz it? No, because secretly she really liked it. It was just that it was to much, and people would look at her.

Oh dear.

In the end she went off, and it looked glorious -- like a multicolored cloud of hair, actually -- and she may, or may not, live through the day. Tonight she has to pick classes at LUPS. Plus, she has a ton of homework and life is interesting, but also a little hard.

So there you have it --

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