2006-03-30 - 1:53 p.m.


M had a terrible time with the honors geometry test. And the math teacher was not exactly supportive, and M felt very sad.

She's slow, and slower under pressure. But definitely capable of the work. So now I have to get all this officially documented so she can have a "something plan" and be allowed more time.

It makes me feel very bad. I should have done this years ago, but was always talked out of it because of the expense. But it would have been worth the expense to not have her feel bad.

Anyway, and the contractor is being pissy. I think he does not like the architect. Or perhaps he's mad at his wife -- who knows?

And apparently N did break up with her boyfriend. I had to tell her all kinds of stories from my own high school years before she'd confess. But she broke up with him a few weeks ago, and breaking up is a horrible horrible thing. I sympathized, having broken up with quite a few boyfriends of my own -- two in high school, three in college.

Boys -- what a nuisance they are!

And now I have about 5 calls in to various people, trying to get a something plan for M, which of course no one will return.


Okay -- got to go

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