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2006-03-31 - 10:30 a.m.


Look at this! Wow. If only I had the time --

In other news, there is some hope for M. The vice principal actually called me back. Things may in fact change (they always do), but it seems that if we get her tested and provide evidence of accomodations at Middle School B, the vp will talk to the math dept and argue that M should be given the test again with extra time.

So now, I have to get her tested. I called one name I was given and got back a message saying something to the effect that -- sounds like the child has been carefully tended so far. Have you considered that perhaps math is just not her strong area?

I don't know. There are certainly lunatic parents out there. But of course I've considered that! I considered it yesterday when I asked her math teacher if she really thought honors math was the place for M. And yes, she really did.

So, anyway. But the sceptic did give me another name which someone else had also given me, so -- I called that name, and she is out until the middle of next month.

I am cheered, however, that M is cheered. It's almost like the worst that could happen has happened, and she is now relieved to just be beyond it and dealing with the consequences. Also, her math teacher gave them a practice test yesterday (a bit late -- never mind that) and again M had 45 minutes to do 45 problems (some of which she recognised from the LUPS test), and she had no trouble at all. So it's pretty clearly a stress thing --


That is all.

There are other things -- cabinets, lights, shower fittings, fire places -- but I can't imagine anyone wants to hear about them, nor do I wish to discuss them. Ugh.

Okay -- bye.

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