Word for today -- hideous

2006-04-03 - 12:15 p.m.

Certain people have requested even more home repair details. Hoo boy -- they do not know what they are asking for ....

Saturday, I went and got German, a local guy from Guatemala, to come to the old house and undertake the hideous job of getting all the old insulation out of the attic. Which he did, and you could probably eat dinner off the floor up there now. It was a hideous job, and he had to come back Sunday to finish it. I really like him -- I practice spanish with him and he practices english with me. I told him I have two daughters, ages 60 and 40, which he found hard to believe. We eventually straightened it out.

Anyway, while he was up in the attic, I shopvac'ed the rest of the house so it looks more like a house. Also, I threw away the hideous curtains in the dining room (imagine hideous first communion dresses, but very dusty, and curtains) and generally cleaned up a bit. That should make the contractor happy. (Yes, it seems that our contractor is kind of moody --). Also Dan came over and placed the trees that we bought from him. Now I just need to get someone to plant them. They are very nice, and will be great. Maybe German can do it next weekend. He doesn't have a regular job at the moment, so it would be good to keep him employed. I'm also thinking maybe I could hire him to talk to N and M. He is incredibly sweet. He plays soccer, and was a cashier in Guatemala before he came here. It was a good job, but did not pay very much. (Are you not amazed at my spanish?) Also, we discussed the tenses of verbs, and the rain. The rain the rain the neverfuckingending rain.

Also immediately I have to order light fixtures for the whole house, and sinks and toilets. And faucets.

And I have to call the fireplace guys to get them to come and install the fireplace. Have I mentioned them? They're from Estonia, but kind of seem like they might be in the russian mob. One is tall and thin and blonde and well dressed. the other is also tall, but stocky, and dark, and dressed in a track suit.

So that's exciting.

And I supposed I'd better start thinking about paint colors, so we can start thinking about curtains, etc.

Kitchen cabinet discussion is tabled until we know more about how much money this whole thing is going to cost.

Ay dios mio.

Okay -- got to go.

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