some things really aren't funny --

2006-04-07 - 3:41 p.m.

Well, I am not getting a lot done here int he way of work, but I am taking care of lots of other things --

  • I believe we may have the airline tickets straightened out.

  • I took M on her community service thingy -- what a cool place! I can see why it's a little scarey for the kids, but it's amazing -- there are all these developmentally disabled people hanging around making the most amazing art. Amazing. It was fun.

  • I called the post office. Maybe they'll start delivering mail!

  • Well, that's probably it, but that's actually quite a lot. I was most pleased to figure out the airline reservations. After many different thoughts, a person at one airline was really helpful and got us all flights so that N can fly home with us, and also not get lost in Madrid. She gets into Malaga later than her group, so we'll have to pay extra to have her picked up, but the other options were to have her arrive with everyone else, but then have to fly home alone without us or else to fly home with us, but be dumped in Madrid where she'd have to make it through customs, claim her luggage, and then check in again for the flight to Malaga. And if anything went wrong, she'd be on her own. Not such a great idea, I think. And she'd still need to be picked up specially from Malaga. K claimed to favor this option, since it's 100 dollars cheaper, but it seems to me that if our goal is to lose our kid inthe airport, it would be a lot simpler to just take her to Oakland and leave her there. No need to pay the extra fare to Spain, I think.

  • He thought I wasn't mad when he kept grumbling, but he was actually wrong.

  • Ha.

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