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2006-04-07 - 9:28 a.m.

OKay -- I have about three minutes here -- I'm at work, but I'm leaving to go take M on a community service field trip. It's to some kind of place where disabled people do art. M doesn't like it because they seem to want to make her responsible for the disabled people, which she is really not interested in. Last time, one woman was happily doing something, and M was kind of there, providing feedback when asked, and then the director started harassing the woman because she was supposed to be making a collage, and she wasn't. And since she wasn't, the woman said, M was going to have to go help someone else who would make a collage. M wants no part of what she perceives to be disciplinary procedures.
N is going to a party tonight on some cruise ship out in the bay. It's for a friend from middle school, so I'm assuming it will be chaparoned, etc., but it does seem like the possiblity for getting drunk and then drowned does exist. Hmmm. Hmmm indeed.
House house house -- I think we're going to like it. I'm starting to think about paint and artwork. Yay!

Okay -- I'll be back ...

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