easter break -- the short version

2006-04-17 - 10:57 a.m.

Hmmm. I'm thinking of the Sopranos last night, where Carmela keeps asking Tony, "Did you straighten things out with the building inspector?" and each time Tony remembers that he's forgotten, but still doesn't call. Just like I really do need to call the fireplace store to change the billing from one credit card to another. Part of the reason I keep forgetting is because it's all part of K's master strategy for airline tickets, which I kind of hate because it tends to make you take an inconvenient flight rather than a convenient one, because you have the free tickets, or need to get the free tickets, or --

Not that we can actually afford to sniff at free tickets -- by no means. But spending the weekend in O'Hare Airport, or travelling across the country by way of Pittsburg, Denver and Albuquerque, can make one just a little sceptical of the free ticket claim. I mean, my life is worth something too, and I'm not going to live forever. How much time do I really want to spend at the airport?


Speaking of the Sopranos, is it possible that Vito will escape? I certainly hope so. I liked the gay oasis in New Hampshire he's ended up in. I hope it all works out.

Unlikely that things will work out for the building inspector, though.

So, I'm back from spring break. It was a sort of odd spring break. We made no plans, because we thought we'd be moving, and also, the kids had a ton of homework. So there were definitely moments when I worried that we were wasting valuable free time. But in the end, it was kind of nice. Plus I think the sun came out one day, which was glorious. And M got her science fair data (we had to make five parachutes, which ended up being kind of fun), N struggled with her English paper (women and power in Love in the Time of Cholera, MacBeth, Antigone and The Hours (the movie version). It's hard to write a paper comparing books -- it doesn't fit together as easily. It ends up feeling choppy and unconnected. She doesn't like it. I sewed new pajama bottoms for the easter bunny to bring them. We went to a friend's for easter. We rediscovered Connnect Four. It was nice.

And now it's over.


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