Regarding options, and that they are generally a good thing

2006-04-21 - 12:30 p.m.

So -- the color is mellowing a bit, or perhaps it's just that my eyeballs have been burned out to such an extent by the brightness that it now seems mellow.

No, I think it really will be nice.

But the trim was not good -- it was sort of the color of an olive (the kind with pimentos. We used to have a jar of them in the fridge because N thought they were pet fish! She said hello to them whenever we opened the door!) It made the back of the house look like a circus peanut with a few olives smeared on.

So after tossing and turning all night, I called Abel this morning at 7:30 and left a message. As he is the most patient man on the planet, he called back and we discussed my options. He brought back the two other cans we'd looked at and we tested them here and there and the darker of the two was much better than the olive. So that's going up. I think I may drive by in a bit just to see how it looks. Phew. And there was no extra charge, since what they'd done yesterday still needed another coat, which he can do in the new color. Phew again.

Also, I met the cabinet man. (We're going with the cabinet man.) He has a somewhat unusual name -- lets call him Keats. I realize I was expecting him to be like the only other Keats I know, who's a hip and groovy carpenter on Spring St in NYC. Instead he's some old guy who lives up in the woods east of here. I kind of like him. I hope it will be okay -- I'm still thinking about a few things involving the microwave and the linen closet.

Then I had to run off to pick up M and take her to riding.

But the fireplace is mostly in, which means we can imagine the living room. The tv sort of has to go in the living room, which I sort of hate. I'm now thinking it should go not where we'd originally though, but on another wall. K will hate that -- he hates to have plans change. This makes no sense to me -- how can you come to a decision without trying out four or five different options? How can you know what you want if you haven't compared it to what else you could do? But he does not work that way. Decide now, and live forever with the couch in the wrong place. Ok!

I suppose there is more, but it's not really any more interesting. Plus, I think I really may go check out that new paint ....


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