2006-04-24 - 11:57 a.m.

So. A productive weekend. N wrote a paper and studied for a chem final, in between a birthday party and a wisteria party (?). M wrote a paper, too. I got four trees planted, took out a dead shrub, planted three shrubs and bought some more plants to fill in the spot where the dead shrub used to be. All good.

We also got used to the paint -- I really like it now -- and toured the neighbor's twin house. It's just like outs, but they've sort of reconstructed it as a victorian house. It's really nice, but I'm pretty glad ours won't be quite so victorian. They have a mudroom, a tiny kitchen and a den. We'll have a bigger kitchen with a space for a table and a sort of den. I would love to have a mudroom, though. That's what we won't have.

Also, there are funny little things. We have a wierd little alcove that they don't have, and they have a different decoration on their newel post.

Okay -- now I have to go --


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