so --

2006-04-26 - 10:37 a.m.

Well, the window and door have arrived. (There was much angst about how they had to have been ordered months ago ... and here they are, well ahead of anything else. Ha!)

I've almost got the toilets, etc. down.

And appliances. The contractor is very worried that white will look funny with wooden cabinets, so I've promised to look through groovy magazines to see if such a possibility exists. (I've seen it at IKEA, actually.) But once we get that settled, those things can be ordered, too. None of us really cares, I guess, except for M, who refuses to live in a house with stainless appliances. Okay!

And tile -- I'm going to go out this afternoon and investigate tiles for the downstairs shower. But then I think we're okay there. And I'm pretty close to knowing what I want (white subway tile, I think, with perhaps one strip of something exciting.)

Leaving kitchen countertops and flooring options for the back rooms to be worried about.

And Spain! Did I mention we're going to Spain this summer? I'm starting to get really excited. Perhaps we should all read Don Quixote before we go. We have been watching Spanish movies. But we should read something -- Hmmm, I read it once, a long time ago.

And I suppose we should think about Spanish music, too --

Lots to do.


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