2006-04-27 - 12:20 p.m.

In an attempt to discuss something other than home renovation (although, quickly, what do you think about white hexagonal tiles (small) for the downstairs bathroom floor, and the shower in white subway tiles with two lines of mosaic glass tiles at about shoulder height in shades of blue. Plus, should we put a cornice on the top? It would be handy for shampoo bottles and pony tail holders. ??? I'm think the sink will have a blue corian countertop with a white undermounted sink. Thanks!)


I am going to respnd to harriet's question about favorite songs.

My favorite songs tend to be the ones that get stuck in my head. Waterloo Sunset and David Watts by the Kinks, along with Village Green Preservation Society. Devil Mask and that other song that starts "There's a house, burning down" by Robyn Hitchcock. Ummm. Triangle Man by They Might Be Giants and also the one about the prosthetic forehead and the one that goes "Turn around, turn around, there's a thing here that can be found." There's a Bob Dylan song I like about a milk train. I think I like it so much because there was a time when K played it all the time on the piano.

Why do I like them? I'm not sure -- they come on and you need to sing them. That's why. Singability is important, and I'm a sucker for the quirky lyric, too.

M hates that Beach Boys album -- is it Pet Sounds? -- where he's singing in this sort of melodic way about personality breakdown. She doesn't like it because she worries (rightfully, I think) about the singer. I think the rest of us kind of like the goofiness of the contrast.

I have always detested heavy metal. Mostly because it just seems to be so stupid. Plus it sounds awful. I hate overblown stuff.


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