2006-05-08 - 1:19 p.m.

Man, I am tired. I think I really need more than 4 hours of sleep if I'm to be fully functional.

I forgot to mention that this was the weekend of fundraisers -- one for M's school and one for N's. The one for Middle School B is actually really fun -- people know each other, and it's been going on for years, and the 8th graders (of whom M is one) get to come and help. They are really very cute. After much discussion, trying on and rejection of outfits, worry over shoes, M finally settled on a black skirt of N's with a blue tank top and then a white-with-faint-blue-stripes shirt over that, and some really cute black mary janes that for some reason are hated by the children (they say they look like water shoes, which they kind of do, but that's what makes them cute!), but beloved by me. She put her hair in a pony tail and looked very grown up. Normally she likes to have her hair covering her face, in that charming 13-year-old way.

Anyway, it was really fun. I was actually helping with the food (which was just as well -- I really don't know so many people there any more). But best of all was seeing M running around and actually having a good time. I came back to pick her up after I'd been to the other party and she was dancing. I'd sort of talked her in to doing it, and her regular friends, MT and Z, did not volunteer, but she hung around with a couple other kids, which was great to see.

The second party was kind of a bust -- we got there late, so there wasn't much food. We talked to the parents of N's friend K. (the musicians). But it was okay --

Otherwise, I gardened, and washed sweaters in preparation for packing them away for the summer and the move. Currently they're drying on the back porch -- probably being slept on by the cats.

All the roses are blooming -- it looks great.

Okay -- bye.

I've got to get some roses for the new house -- I will really really miss the ones I've got now.

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