tip of the iceburg

2006-05-24 - 9:38 a.m.

Okay, I have so insanely much to do that I can't actually linger here.

--The house is getting packed up. Of course, it is so very much more pleasant without all our junk everywhere. I'm trying to remember this, and trying to get rid of lots and lots of stuff. Really.

--The new house is moving ahead! Finally! Thank god!

--Spain! It's getting very exciting. I'm working on the reservations (in between everthing else).

--New clothes. N. is actually wearing the new clothes for Spain -- yesterday she wore a pair of linen pants, and today a pair of shorts. This is sort of a miracle.

--Oh, M's evaluation. Incredible. She's really smart and really dyslexic. THe therapist was great, and I'm so glad we did this. M is really good at lots of things, but the things she has trouble with are pretty revealing. Sequencing is hard for her (which is why she forgot how to do long division); "fluency" is hard for her -- meaning, like, remembering math facts, or even giving names for things on a piece of paper. Spelling, of course, and reading. Reading is really hard, and yet she's pretty good at it because she works so hard. It was fascinating. I'd sort of like to do it for N, too -- just because I think knowing how your mind works can be reassuring.

Another thing that was hard for M was everyday knowledge -- which is surprising, but really true -- she's just not very practical. One of the questions was "why do we put stamps on letters," and she didn't really know why. (She said because the post office wouldn't take mail without stamps, which is true, but not the real reason, which is, of course, so the post office can get paid.) This is fascinating. I'm pretty sure that I'm really strong in this area. I'm very practical, and really good at coming up with simple solutions for everyday problems, and I'm always stunned when other people can't do the same. M in particular really is not very practical. I never realized, though, that this was a kind of intelligence -- which makes me a little more sympathetic to a lot of M's questions, which have always struck me as nuts -- I guess I always assumed that we were just expecting too much of her because she is, after all, the youngest member. But apparently this really is an area that's difficult.

I think having trouble in this area can also make you feel pretty stupid, too -- and I think N has probably inherited my abilities in this area, which M is sure to notice.

Anyway -- the whole thing was fascinating. So M will work on reading with the therapist this summer, and she can take the bus there from art camp, which will help her with real world skills, too.


Okay -- now I have to go look at my list and cry.

Bye --

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