2006-05-26 - 11:38 a.m.

So --

The boxes are going off today -- by which I mean, the people are picking them up today, and we had to get everything we wanted into them by 8 am this morning.

We managed to fill about 1.5. There's still more crap we could have crammed into them, but actually, it's just as well -- better to really get rid of more and more crud, I think.

Our house feels so empty. It's actually kind of nice. But our furniture does look pretty shabby.

On the other hand, we've certainly gotten good use out of the house and the furniture. The couch is really a futon we bought before N was born. The chairs we inherited from my mother when she bought her condo in AZ. So if we end up throwing them all away, I don't really feel very badly about it.

Anyway -- it's a relief to have those boxes going away so I can garden again. Also, I'm going to try to get the basement cleaned out and the inside paint color picked this weekend, and M's room truly cleaned out. Also, our room. And, the kitchen.

Those are reasonable goals, I think.

In other news, it seems that we are inheriting a sailboat! A bullseye, which is about perfect for us. My brother T is going to have to cope with it mostly -- maybe I can arrange to spend a bit more time in MA!

Gosh, I can hardly even think about it -- a sailboat! What will we name it?

And a fully grown deer apparently does live in the back yard of our house. Hmmm. I don't know what I think about this. Cute, yes. Interesting, yes. A menace to my rosacious plans -- yes and double yes.

We found some more dress possibilities for M's graduation. She likes the white halter dress, which I like least of the the three. It's that wierd crinkly material -- it's cotton, but crinkly. It's a halter, with stretchy stuff around the stomach. It reminds me of dresses people wore in the 70s, which is probably why I don't really like it. She loves it, though.


Okay -- got to go.

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