2006-06-01 - 10:38 a.m.

Oh, I am tired. But today is better than yesterday.

The painters showed up, and I've got them started on N's and M's rooms. It's much easier having figured out that those two rooms have to be cleared out -- stuff can go in other rooms -- and when those are done, we can move stuff from our bedroom, for instance, into theirs.

Also, I think K and I are going to try to share a dresser until the house is sold (assuming we don't kill each other) so I suppose now is the time to consolidate and move the ugly dresser down to the basement.

And they can't possibly be done painting until the end of next week, which means that we can't put the house up for sale until the week after.

Which is actually sort of a relief.

Also, the painting sort of involves cleaning, which is a very good thing. Man there's a lot of dust in our house!

And it also involves finally getting rid of weird piles of things -- flashlights and string, for instance - which we've left lying around because they don't really go into a box.

So that's all good --

And we've resolved the flagstone dilemma --

And I've got a lead on a housesitter for while we're in Spain.

And I've got reservations in Madrid for the first few nights we're there, which is good.


Okay -- still a million things to do, but some progress.

Also, a friend came by with pictures of me and N from a birthday party in 1995. Oh! For one thing, although no one would call me thin, I think I was a bit thinner. Also -- my hair was really dark! Also -- I looked significantly more well rested then than now. Perhaps it's only temporary.

N looks very sweet -- she's 5. She's wearing a party dress and hanging from the monkey bars. I'd like to eat her up.

Barchester Towers has been taken from me -- N had to bring in an example of a latin phrase used in something else. BT is full of them, so she's taken it to her latin class. Sniff.

They're reading Caesar now -- so vocabulary includes a lot of armaments and also words for killing, taking away, demolishing --


OKay -- tea time.

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