my great idea

2006-06-02 - 10:41 a.m.

So --

The painters are painting, and we've discussed all the colors (three shades of white!) and figured all that out and that's okay.

Also, strangely, there are gardeners at my house! Odd, but I'm not complaining. (I think my brother is responsible.)

Also, this guy he knows is going to walk through and tell us how to stage it. Okay --

So that all seems under control. We also have to get window washers and housecleaners, but I think we're nearly there ...

And at the new house, the sheetrock is going up on the inside while shingles are going up on the outside. Sweet!

(heh heh heh)

But here's the exciting stuff -- I had to be at a 7:15 meeting in town -- so I walked to the train station and rode the train in! M got a ride to school with the neighbor (who goes by there anyway) and N drove the car in and parked in a lot at my work.

Isn't that amazing? It was great! I'm thinking that for the next few weeks I could just come in that early (the walk and the train ride are actually quite pleasant) and let N drive M to school and then herself. How delightful to just leave before anyone is awake!


OKay -- back to work --

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