2006-06-05 - 11:39 a.m.

Well --

Our new house is mostly sheetrocked. It's good, because it looks like a house again, but it's bad because it seems like all the possibilities that were floating around are now closed off. For instance, the study now seems a little smaller than I was imagining it.

Also, I think our contractor may hate me -- although I am so sleep deprived (and he looks like he is too) that perhaps I am making it up.

Spain is mostly organized. It's possible that I have made all the wrong choices, but anyway, they're made now! Ha.

The painters are working on M's room (N's is finished!), and our room is ready for them to move into when they're ready. Yay! Tonight I've got to get the kitchen and bath ready. God help me.

K has been quite cruel about wanting my brother to come and ruin my garden with his ideas that will be more palatable to the masses. But then my brother came and poured concrete where K actually liked the brick (only I saved the day by asking for it to be pink concrete to match the rest of the concrete in the driveway) and told us to take down all of K's beloved stereo shelves. Aha! Suddenly not all of D's ideas are good ones. Ha!

Not that I am bitter.

Also, K has been carrying on about a door that needs a screen put in it. Blah blah blah. Finally it's in my car, and I get in this morning and whack my head on it.


Also, the girls and I have been watching the Gilmore Girls. Hmmm. What an interesting show. Emily does remind me, a little, of my mother. She can be extremely awful, and yet sometimes she's sympathetic, and sometimes Lorelai is a nut.

OKay -- now I have to go.

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