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2006-06-06 - 11:26 a.m.

Pooh. It isn't summer yet for me --

And I have a huge pile of things to do, but it's all feeling slightly more manageable. For the moment.

N's room is painted and done, and M's nearly so. I imagine they'll start on ours today, so I need to have the bathroom and hall ready for them to do tomorrow. Then, I think, the kitchen.

They're doing a very nice job.

So I have to call the housecleaner and the window cleaner.

And then worry about the new house --

M is essentially finished with schoolwork, thank god! N has a paper on the spanish inquisition which she's nearly finished with, plus a science project, and finals in latin, math and history. Probably English, too, but that will be writing an in-class paper on the Poisonwood Bible.

So things are winding down for her, too.

Then we have to do M's graduation (she needs shoes) and get N ready for Spain.

That seems like a lot, but it's way less than existed a week or so ago.

Oh, M has a piano workshop and then some kind of test to make it to level 5 -- but I think that may be under control, too. The Kabalevski novelette is finally under a semblance of control, and she's also got a Chopin walz and a Bach little prelude. She hasn't mastered a lot of material this year, but her playing has really changed -- she's playing grown up pieces in a grown up way. It's good.

And the other thing is that I've got to get in touch with someone at LUPS who will help me get allowances in place for M next year, and get the math dept to let her retake the test.

That's actually big.

When I was in high school, we never got to read things like the poisonwood bible. The other kids, in the other classes, all read socially appropriate things, but we read things like the Odyssey and Dickens and Hawthorne and Sophocles. You know, the classics.

I have sort of mixed feelings about what N is reading. On the one hand, she's engaged, and they do read some serious stuff. On the other, they don't read enough. It's good to read stuff like that in school because if someone makes you read it, you do, and then you realize that it's not really that hard or unapproachable. In fact, it's good!


Okay -- now I must go.

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