2006-06-13 - 11:00 a.m.

I know I promised not to talk about houses anymore, but I do have one more thing.

The new house:

These are its good points. It really does feel like a house. It has an upstairs with a nice big landing. It feels like the house of a family. It even feels a bit like a fictional house -- a house I can imagine fictional characters living in.


Fictional characters who live close enough to downtown so that they can walk there. Fictional characters who will walk in and come upstairs and see a bookcase in nice light with a tree outside. (That may be my favorite part of the house.) Fictional characters who will lounge about on Sundays reading the paper.

It feels like an urban house, too.

Do you remember a book for kids called the Four Story Mistake? Eventually they move to Connecticut, but before they do they live in this great old New York house and take the subway everywhere. This house is not as big as that house must have been (it had a full attic floor), but it sort of feels a bit like that house.

I'm not sure it would be a great house for little kids -- but I think it will be a good house for teenagers.

I think it's big enough to accomodate lots of different activities. It has enough public spaces and enough private spaces.

Okay. I'm officially excited.

Plus -- the new shingles around the bottom and on the porch are so very beautiful. That's exciting, too --

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