2006-07-03 - 7:08 p.m.

Okay. A highly productive day.

I came to work, and that part was not so super productive. Then I had to leave to take M to play her pieces for her Certific8 of M3r1t. I think I do not really agree with this whole business, but her teacher is really into it (she only has two students ...) so we were sort of bamboozled into it. I guess it's not such a bad thing after all. It has inspired a lot of terror in my household, though.

Anyway -- she passed, and it was a huge relief, so I took her home and set off again.

  • I went to the paint store and got a lot of samples to try. It's a hugh sort of job trying to pick colors for the whole house. It's sort of insane, actually ... But I've made a start.
  • I went to the lumber store and found out about sinks. I'm narrowing it down -- I think we want a white porcelain undermount sink. We could get a fancy country one, but if we want to save a few hundred bucks, we can just get a plain one. I'm still on the fence about the two bowls or one, but I also think I found a faucet.
  • I went to Home Despot (thinking it was Expot) and learned about the difference between Gran1te and S1ilestone. Then I learned where the Expot really was.
  • At Expot, I met a really great lady who helped me find a really nice color of S1lestone which would be authentic-ish, and would look nice with our cabinets. (Strangely, it's not on their website.) Also, she agreed with me that not everybody has to have stainless appliances. She sent me off to look at tile, which I did. Oh, and I also found sort of reasonably priced tops for the bathroom vanity ...

  • Ugh. I am both boring myself, and causing myself extreme anxiety ... I need to finish up a few things and then go home ...


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