some kind of day

2006-07-05 - 7:54 p.m.

Oh dear, what an insane day.

First an interminable meeting with contractor #1. I'm sorry that it's so easy to dislike him, because I'm sure he's not as bad as I'm making him out, but it does seem that he's a moron. I wish there was some graceful way to get rid of him. but apparently it's better to let him get the stuff finished that he's started -- plumbing, electrician, painter. I'm sort of on the fence about whether we should let him pick his floor guy, but I have to admit it would probably be quicker. And we do want quicker.

So he's up in a bedroom complaining about how contractor 2(T) has not finished the upstairs (in fact, he finished it by the end of the day, including fixing all the counterweights that contractor 1(S) promised, but somehow did not get done BEFORE the sheetrock went on, so that T had to do it after. God, I hate contractor 1) while meanwhile contractor 2 is actually doing stuff.

Then he leads us on a long whiney tour of the outside, wanting to replace a shingle here and a shingle there. Really, I don't want him to touch a single blessed thing. I HATE him.

Oh, and then his floor guy came and said x, y and z. T whispered in my ear that I should get him to replace the shoe molding, which S would never have thought of. The floor guy wants us to cover the fir subfloor with oak planks, not tongue and groove. T. tells me later that the fir will be fine, and that you need tongue and groove in a kitchen, otherwise water goes through and messes it up.

I'm sure it's not fair to be second-guessing S, but on the other hand -- these are things that are clearly obvious to a competent contractor.

So --

I'm actually all for getting rid of him --

And tomorrow N makes her long trek to Spain, and I'm worried, but suppose it will be okay.

Oh, and apparently the inspection (of the house we're selling) turned up all kinds of things. It's hard to believe they're all real, but real or not, it's seeming like a big deal. K's all for sitting tight. I'm all for doing what we can to get the thing sold, because I don't know how much more I can stand. Some of what's wrong is S's work, although I'm not sure it's fair to blame him.

Ho hum.

Got to go.

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