tee hee

2006-07-07 - 10:13 a.m.

So, N made it!

I should call my mother --

We got a call at 2:30 in the morning, when she was in London! She sounded very happy. We talked for a while. Then I checked to make sure she actually made it on to the plane (she had) and K checked to make sure that it landed (it did). Finally, I was forced to call Javier, who told me (I think) that she'd had a good trip and was (this part I was sure of) with Monica at the hotel. In Nerja. They're going to spend the weekend at the beach there. And Monica called a bit later to tell me also that N was there.

So good!

And we seem to be ironing our contractor problems out -- it seems best that S sees through what he's started, and T can pick up what hasn't been started, and the floor will sort of be decided between the two.

So good -- that's clear. And I talked to the cabinet guy yesterday and he seems to be on the ball.

S is not happy, but what can I say -- we needed to get the job done, and T is actually doing a really really nice job.

So good.

Now to the 47 million things on my list.

Also, I think you should go look at a beautiful cake in the shape of a horse. Click on the link to more photos.

Tee hee.

That is all.

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