2006-07-10 - 3:55 p.m.

Update! Update!

Terrible contractor S is trying to back out, dumping the job on Beloved contractor T.

This is fine with me -- I'm tired of S and his stupid ways -- but I'm a little worried that T might not have time for us.

He says he does, but I think it's putting a little pinch in his next job, AND I think it's not the easiest thing to come into the middle of something and clean it up.


This morning I went by the house and noticed the distinct absense of painters. I called S., who called his painter who apparently was having some kind of personnel crisis. Hmmm. And now the cabinet maker is 2 weeks behind. So T will do the floors and install the cabinets. I don't know who will put the plumbing in, but the painter needs to come and the electrician needs to come, and those are S's guys.

There's not that much left, really. Except there's quite a bit of not much left.

It's kind of the bitter end, where you're picking up 46 million details.

Oh dear.

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