2006-07-12 - 9:51 a.m.

All right. N was calling (she finally left a message!) because she wanted to move up a level in her Spanish class, and for some reason, because she's doing it for credit, she would not be able to change levels and get credit. How does that make sense? Her original level was based on a test that she took, rather halfheartedly, I remember, because it came in the midst of finals and AP chem tests etc etc etc. Also, she took no Spanish last year, so I'm sure her Spanish was pretty rusty. Anyway, it seems ridiculous that it should all be based on not changing to the right level, so she's going to change anyway and if need be, take the lewer level test at the end and get that cresit.

In retrospect, it was stupid to even sign her up for credit -- what's the point? -- but it seemed like a good thing to do college-wise. Always a mistake to do things because you think they'll look good on your college applications.

Gah. But that's settled. It's so odd to be able to call -- well, not her, but her chaperone -- at 11:00 at night and have it be 8:00 the next morning there.

I'm quite excited about getting the paint colors picked out. We picked pink for N's room. She may hate it, but she asked for a pretty color, and she wanted to match this beautiful pink fabric we found. It's Japanese, and full of colorful fish. We tried blue, but it's a northeast facing room, and blue just made it feel cold. The pink really warms it up. M's room is blue - a lovely deep almost periwinkle shade, and the study is a gray-green with a slightly lighter color for our room, which is a sleeping porch off the study. The halls are a yellowy-tan (very pale) and the bathroom mostly white with a little bit of a buffy color to pick up the (hated) buffy tiles. Downstairs, the living room is slightly darker than the hall, and the dining room has a persimmony band around it (above the panelling and below the picture molding). And the panelling won't be just white, but will have a color between the hall color and the living room color inside the battens. I'm sure that's a good idea.

We have no idea yet about the kitchen or the downstairs bath.

So there we stand ...

And I've got moving organized, and the cats arranged to be boarded.

It feels like we're coming to the end of the details I have to worry about ...

I hope.

And I picked M up yesterday after tutoring and she was completely happy! And has been happy ever since.


That is all.

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