perhaps it's the heat

2006-07-13 - 3:43 p.m.

OKay -- I'm in urgent need of going off to pick M up from rockclimbing to take her to horseback riding.


And I've just driven around and found out more about the countertop I want (it's cheap -- sort of) and spoke with Beloved T about plans for stuff.

So now I have to make an ugly phone call to S. But he's off now, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.


I was just thinking, as I bought a hot chocolate at the cafe which is suddenly swamped with summer students -- a new set of classes must have started or something -- that even though this summer is lacking a lot of summer qualities -- time to lounge around, running into people and being able to do things unexpectedly, stuff like that -- I still love summer more than any other season. Hard to say why, exactly, except that you somehow have more time just to enjoy just doing whatever you feel like doing. It's a time for great personal growth while you're not paying attention. So even camping out in the construction zone seems to me like it's going to be okay -- or fun, even.

Anyway. Now I have to go.

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