2006-07-16 - 7:12 p.m.

Ha ha ha.

We're having a sort of slouchy day, which I am totally enjoying because ... not too many slouchy days left in this house.

The house is sort of a mess, too, which I am also sort of enjoying. It won't be hard to pick everything up, but afer having to keep everthing so tidy, it's a little nice to have newspapers scattered all over the place.

It's amazing how quickly it happens, though.

M is working on a collage -- she had to take a Dorothea Lange photograph and first copy it in pencil, which I think she sort of enjoyed, and now make a collage of it where each tone is represented by a different color. Which is a little hard, I think, but pretty cool.

So that's kept her occupied today. Yesterday she came with me to the new house and helped me sweep. Today I mopped the upstairs. It was so dusty from the sheetrock. Now it's not clean, by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a little better. They still have to sand the floors, which will make everything dusty again, but since we're going to be living there in between., it seems like a good idea to get rid of some of the dust.

Anyway, yesterday was kind of nice. K is setting up a little office upstairs in the attic with a few of his necessary items. That he could st least do that seemed to calm him down a little. Most of our stuff is going to go off to storage until we get back. But after we'd swept and hauled things up into the attic, we walked down the street and had dinner at the fancy gourmet takeout place. It is going to be very odd living there -- we'll be right in the thick of things. It's pretty urban, and there are tons of people around. Lots of kids, too, surprisingly enough. Anyway, it's going to be very odd.

Also, I found a bathroom that seems to be open most of the time. Hooray!

And I was able to buy some nice floor cleaner.

Fascinating, I know.

Also, K called old contractor S to see if we could get out of the cabinets that his friend B was supposed to make for us. (B has disappeared, as far as we can tell). And that may work, which would be great. But S again complained about how it was all my fault.



Oh, and N wrote -- sounds like she's having fun. Eating crepes with a friend, going to the arab baths, visiting mosques. Sounds pretty good.

THat is all --

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