2006-07-18 - 6:20 p.m.

M is off taking the theory part of her piano test extravaganza. Poor thing. Hopefully it will go okay and be over. I watched her walk up the walkway to her piano teacher's house -- she's cut off a fairly tight pair of jeans at the knee (they were too short) and she was wearing them with a coral tank top, red socks and black high tops. She looked like she's about 80 per cent made of legs, which I suppose she is -- she's tall, now, and skinny, with hair down to about her waist. Very funny, somehow.

In the continuing saga that is our house, I think I'm figuring out what we have to do to get the gas turned on. It's rather stunning, actually. You talk to several people who really know nothing, but then they finally refer you to some guy who knows everything, and he says, "I don't know why they made you do all that -- this is what you actually have to do." What we actually have to do, apparently, is have the plumber do a pressure test, and if that works, then he should call the inspector who will verify it (I guess) and then send a fax to the gas company saying "it's verified" and then the gas company will give us a meter. Then we will have gas!

Now the kitchen - the cabinets will be pretty light. The floor will be fir, which I think is kind of light-ish, except it will be stained to sort of mask the hardships it's been through. So the question then is, should the countertop be a medium mottled green color, or a black-and-green mottled color. I though I was going to prefer the lighter color, but I think I'm heading toward the darker color. I think I may actually take my little samples to the store and put them on a model kitchen and see what I think.

But anyway, the cabinets have been ordered.

Okay -- now I must go do a few important things before retrieving M.

One more thing -- I know I've said this before, but T has such a better sense of what we want than S did, which is really not S's fault. But whereas S was always trying to talk us up to more than we wanted (although strangely, not on the doors -- although maybe that was part of his plan to make us replace all the windows) -- anyway, T's priorities seem to agree with ours -- It makes it so much easier to deal with him because I can pretty much trust his judgment (if he things the cabinet lights look cheesy, I know they do; if he says the painted mantel will look okay, I know it will) but also it just makes him more fun to deal with. I don't have to take everything he says and filter it through the are-you-thinking-I'm-some-Marin-matron filter. I guess we have similar taste to T., which means I can rely on his judgement, and also that I like him.

Not that I didn't like S., but I liked him in a different way.

T. gets my jokes.

Okay -- now I've really got to go!

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