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2006-07-26 - 6:49 p.m.


So, I believe the old house is sold. This is a huge relief -- one very large item now checked off.

So big I kind of can't even imagine it.

And I bought a hat for Spain. It is very cute, although M thinks I look like an old lady in it.

You know what -- I am really looking forward to this trip. I really hope all goes well, and K relaxes and doesn't think we're ganging up on him, and N is happy to see us, and M finds things she can eat (and doesn't fall into hunger-induced neurosis). There usually is no problem with me. (Heh heh heh -- well, it's my diary!) Actually, what happens to me is that if absolutely everybody starts whining, I go absolutely mental. So hopefully that won't happen.

And then we will come home and move in and begin our new life of urban sophistication.


We've been getting lots of messages from N lately -- she's with the family, now, and I think that's actually much harder than living in the dorm in Granada. I think living with any family of strangers would be difficult, and it's even harder when you don't really speak the same language. She's there a week, which is not really long enough -- I was in Germany 10 weeks, and toward the end I really felt like I was catching on. The first week is just hard.

Anyway. She seems to miss us, and I will be so happy to see her --

Okay -- that is all. Click back for earlier entry for today ...

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