Goodness abounds.

2006-07-28 - 9:53 a.m.

Okay, I'm just stalling here. But after I finish this ... I'm going to tackle three lists at once! It's going to be phenomenal.

One thing about the new people -- they seem good! They seem pretty together and tidy. That's good. We, for instance, have crap all over everywhere -- at the new house, and at the R's (where we're sort of living). They, however, don't seem to. So that is nice.

Also, I need a haircut really badly. It looks pretty terrible. Hmmm. Maybe I can fix that tomorrow (yeah, right).

Oh -- we looked at floor stains today, and I think picked out stain for the oak (early american) and the fir (early american). You will notice these are the same. This was not my plan, but it makes the oak look pretty lively, and it makes the fir look lively, too, although in a different way. With the fir it makes each board look different. We tried a darker stain (rosewood) and that looked nice, but it made the boards look pretty uniform. Which I can understand a person liking, but -- it's not a fancy floor, so I think it's okay if it doesn't look like a fancy floor.

I think having the floors done is going to make a super huge difference.

Also we went through the house with T. Just to go on and on and on about this (i.e. -- skip this paragraph if you're tired of this topic) -- what a relief after S. He's just so rational. I think S. may have ADD. And you can trust him to not do anything stupid. Oh well -- my goal is to be done with S and never ever have to see him again. He's still got to put shower doors in through. Ugh. What a mess.

Okay -- now I'm off for some rather serious list action.

M continues to be a reading fiend. How very funny! But also good.

Okay, bye.

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