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2006-08-24 - 3:54 p.m.

So --

Spain was fantastic. You know it is quite impossible to describe a vacation ince you've come back. When we picked Nora up (in Madrid, after she'd been away five weeks) she said she wanted to go home. And I thought -- this is going to be a long three weeks! And it was, but actually in a varied, and mostly good way.

In summary, I'd move to Spain in a heartbeat. Madrid is a big city -- I think I'd go there. Barcelona is pretty nice, too, though. One of the most amazing things was realizing (which obviously I had always known in theory, but to actually feel it is different) that people live normal lives in other countries. We could go there, too. I'm not an intensely political person, but it sure would be great to live under a different political regime.

It was great fun using my terrible spanish. The people there were hugely tolerant. I realize that what I have (or had, anyway) in German is a knowledge of the words you need just to get by. Words that just spring into your head in a casual interchange. Those are the words that I don't have in Spanish (well, among other words that I don't have), but I can imagine having them.

In fact, I want them.

And now we're home --

We spent the first night in a hotel, but since then we're living in our house. We're sort of camped out on the second floor. It's still a work in progress, but I think it's going to be great, and the colors are fabulous.


Okay, more later --

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