2006-08-28 - 9:56 a.m.

So --

It's cold, and I didn't bring a sweater to work. Hmmph.

We got the cats on Saturday morning and brought them home. I think they're going to like the house. And they were very happy to see us. We haven't let them outside yet, but in the next few days we probably will -- once we're sure they know where we are. They really do seem okay with the move as long as we're around.

We went back to IKEA and enjoyed their living rooms again. It really is hard to live without a comfortable place to sit. Funny --

M and I ate at the fancy takeout place last night -- K was at work (eating leftover thai food because he has a microwave there) and N was at E's house eating hamburgers. (!) They just got back from asia. It's amazing to me how much M's eating habits have changed. A year or so ago it was pretty much chicken or peanut butter, but now she'll eat lots of things -- we went through Spain and Portugal and she ate well pretty much everywhere.

Okay, I am too cold to think, so must go work.


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