late-breaking news

2006-08-30 - 9:28 a.m.

House-related list

  • Counter people came yesterday for both kitchen and bath. We will have counters in three weeks! In the meantime, apparently, our sink and dishwasher can be hooked up. Man would that be great.
  • The floors will be truly finished on Friday.
  • I think Oscar, the guy who works for our contractor, must be from Spain. He lisps, which I though was just a lisp, and says "diga" and "hola." Hmmm.
  • Also, I like the painters very much.
  • Also, I think something needs to be done about the painted floors -- I think they should have a glossier finish. Hmmm.
  • I need to call about getting our furniture back. Maybe next friday. I sort of like not having furniture -- I kind of feel like the boxcar children -- but I think it will also be nice to actually have furniture. Yes. And things like people's calculators and latin books. Ho hum. And beds.

Non-house-related list:

  • First day of school today -- N is taking care of M. She is taking her to the bus stop, and from there to school, and then meeting her after school and bringing her home again. Yay! M looked slightly petrified. N had not finished her summer homework. I say bah to sumer homework, unless it's just reading a book. Of which I approve.
  • We had breakfast in our boxcar children approved kitchen with our boxcar chidren approved dishes.
  • In Spain, we ate at a restaurant owned by the nicest man ever, who cooked a lunch off the menu for us when we could not face another tourist menu. He made us grilled pork and cheese sandwiches and omlettes. He was so very nice. But then we worried about him, because he owned sort of a nice-ish restaurant, or an old-fashioned sort of restaurant, in a touristy town and I'm not sure he had many other customers. He said his son had visited California and really liked it. His restaurant was in Lloret de Mar.
  • I like Spain.
  • I'm reading a detective story set in Spain by Rebecca Pawel called Death of a Nationalist. It's quite good. Also, I walked around the neighborhood where it takes place.
  • Got to go --

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