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2006-09-01 - 11:28 a.m.

So --

M liked school much better yesterday.
N doesn't like the fact that she doesn't know if her lab is in the morning or the afternoon and that she may have to change all her classes. I sort of hope she doesn't, actually, since I think she's actually got good teachers. Hmmm

The stove, refrigerator, kitchen sink and dishwasher all got hooked up yesterday. Yay! The washer and dryer did not, but they did get hauled upstairs, which was a big hurdle. And today the floors are having the final coat of polyeurethane painted on. This means we can't sleep there tonight, so we're all farmed out all over town, but I think it will be okay. Good even. And the whole house thing is getting closer and closer and closer. Yay! I have to think about the fireplace and the kitchen tile this weekend. We did not buy tile in Portugal, and now I wish we had. Hmmm.

Also, it is actually very cosy using the room upstairs (which K wants to use as an office) as a tv room. Hmmmm.

The cats have gone outside two days in a row now and not gotten lost. This weekend we'll let them out some more. They are quite interested in going outside. They're pretty much back to their old ways -- Lucy is frantic for people food, and was quite happy when M let her finish the milk left in her cereal bowl this morning.

M is meeting three friends this afternoon at MT's uncle's coffee shop, and then they're all going to take the bus to MT's grandmother's house to spend the night. It sounds very fun to me. It is great, actually, to live so close to downtown. I walked all over this morning running several errands.

Including, among other things, signing up for a spanish class. I hope it will be good -- it's at the local community college. The registration process didn't inspire a huge amount of confidence, but you never really know -- it might be great. Anyway, it's at night, which is helpful.

OKay -- got to go --

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