2006-09-05 - 9:59 a.m.

Maddy cried this morning. She doesn't want to go to high school any more, and she's tired of having workmen in the house!

I'm tired, too, but we had three glorious days without them, and with the floors freshly polyurethaned and not covered up with masonite! It was glorious! We cooked and hung around in the kitchen and let the cats out and did homework on the beautiful new floor.

Today it gets covered up again so they can finish painting, but soon, very soon --

The cats go in and out now, and seem to know where they live. Lucy already seems to have an archnemesis -- a cat named Toughie. They sit side by side two doors down and growl at each other. Then I rescue Lucy and carry her home, very much against her will.

And a deer really does live in our yard -- we saw him sleeping on Saturday night, and this morning he was eating apples for breakfast. What are we going to do? Seems mean to kick him out, but he's going to eat everything. Hmmm.

The yard as nature preserve does have a certain appeal.

OKay -- got to go.

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