Also, my throat hurts

2006-09-08 - 9:30 a.m.


Everyone's in a crappy mood, but actually I now feel a little better.

I feel better because ... the kitchen! It's going to be great! It's not even finished, and everyone loves to hang around in it!

And I think I've solved the tile dilemma, so I'll go to Heath tile tomorrow and order what we want.

And I talked to good contractor T and I think we've solved the pull-out pantry question. (It will, indeed, pull out.)

T is in a bad mood because he's breaking up with his girlfriend and moving out of his house. We gave him our wardrobe boxes -- that's the good part.

K is in a bad mood because the dryer doesn't work and his clothes were still a little damp. I was less than sympathetic -- it seems to me that if he wanted dry clothes he should have hung them out last night.

I think I'm in a bad mood because it's kind of hard to live in a construction site.

Actually, I think that's what's wrong with most of us --

But the furniture will come next Saturday, and I think that will improve things. How nice to have places to sit!


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