El mundo de los gatos

2006-09-11 - 3:44 p.m.

Oh, Catie reminded me of a good cat story!

Jim and Lucy have been getting better and better about going out and coming in. Lucy had a thing where she went out a few times and got stuck two doors down and couldn't come back, but she seems to have gotten over it, and she seems to realize that she lives at our house, and the sink and the bathtub live up to her rigid specifications so I'm not to worried that she's going to go Incredible Journey on is.

And Jim was actually better from the start -- venturing afield, but not too far, and then coming home. Until Saturday night, when tricked into complacency I let them both out at about 10:00. I called them at midnight and neither one came so I figured -- okay, they're spending the night out. Next morning, Lucy comes oozing in much like Jeeves. She eats some food. She takes a serious nap. Jim is nowhere to be seem. I call and call. Nothing. I wait. Nothing. At about 7, I'm starting to get a little worried, but I have to go to the store, so I do. K picks M up from the street fair to bring her home. They park on the street two doors down and encounter Jim. But K doesn't know Jim is even missing! So they all walk home together, although Jim does look a little terrified.

What a stupid cat! He could not figure out how to get home from two doors away when all he had to do was take the sidewalk home! [Lucy sort of had a similar problem, but that was in the back yard, which seems more complicated to me. Plus -- Toughie.]

But it was good to see him, and possibly the two tuxedo cats who live between us and them are more evil than I even imagine and would not let him cross their front steps.

Who knows what goes on in the world of cats?

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