light fixtures -- the horror

2006-09-12 - 2:29 p.m.

Oh dear -- the electricians just put up the kitchen light, and it's almost right, but not quite. It should be a different finish.

It's impossible to make all these decisions ahead of time. Or impossible for me, anyway.


And bad contractor S threw away the old doorbell, which really was perfectly functional (says the electrician) so I got a crappy one to replace it.

Maybe I can find an old one at one of those places.

And T had to meet the electrician to drill the holes, and he really didn't have time to. I mean, I warned him this morning, and he's known, sort of, and he could have explained it all to Oscar, his helper, last night -- but still I feel sort of bad about it. I think he's in a situation where he needs to be done here so he can go be somewhere else. Anyway, he and Oscar came (I was out getting the doorbell) and I gave Oscar the figs we got in our box of vegetables as a gesture of sympathy. To share with T, that is.

This part I will be glad to have over.

Also, I have a sudden memory of where all the expensive brass heating grates are -- the movers took them.

I'm pretty sure, at least. Thank god.

And -- I have to send back all this stuff I ordered (lights, etc.) because they're all the wrong finish. That's how it goes, I guess --

Anyway. Now I'm going.

Also, confidential to 9/11, I haven't forgotten. The weather is beautiful and fall-like -- was it that way then? I can't remember. But I remember the firemen collecting money in boots all around campus. I remember days and weeks and months of reading anything I could find. I remember the old dean crying in the courtyard, and the old chancellor speaking on the green, and candlelight vigils in our neighborhood.


Clinton was on the radio last night. I'm not sure if, given my news fast, I was supposed to listed to him, but I did. Why can't we have him back? Even Diane Feinstein is sounding like the pinacle of reason these days, and she used to drve me crazy.


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