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2006-09-25 - 1:33 p.m.

I got the house settled enough that we were able to have guests -- the living room is big enough for us to fit in, and small enough to be cozy. It's actually a really nice place to sit, although I wonder if you don't fell a little unsettled by the door ...

N and M and I were sitting in it last night to watch tv. I think it was nice -- we were just having to be quiet because J was sleeping in the next room.

The kitchen is fantastic. It's big enough to work in, and the new stove is fabulous (big enough for 2 lasagnas side by side!). It is very good.

Dining room needs a big more cozying up, somehow. We could put the rug down. It will be easier to see when J isn't sleeping in it, anymore. Then we will see if it's a pleasant place to sit and read or chat on the phone. The table is nice to eat at, although perhaps you are a bit smushed by he piano? But we had two successful dinners there ... I don't know. We may want to move the table to the other end of the room -- I'm not sure.

We're all thinking about tiles for the kitchen and for the fireplace. These are nice, but probably very expensive. Anyway.

I've started a sock, in this wool. I was literally three stitches away from finishing a painr of socks all summer long, but there was no point, since it was summer. So I finished that pair up and started these. They're quite pretty. It was a nice thing to do, in the new living room. I'm a little excited, now, to get all my wool back. I guess it will go in my bedroom.

And ... Oh, I picked apples from our tree and made an apple cobbler. It wasn't quite right -- they're not such juicy apples, but they are good. Plus, I felt extremely virtuous.

AND I got the wisteria that I purchased on Friday (purple -- Caroline), plus a Japanese anenome, and two pretty milkweeds and a deep purple sage all planted. In the crappy soil. Hmmm. I think the construction has not helped.

Anyway. Now I've got to go --

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