2006-09-27 - 10:13 a.m.

Better today -- Yesterday did prove to be a disaster. On the way to M's riding lesson, all set to be EARLY, M realized she'd forgotten her boots. So I turned around, and in doing so, punctured the tire. So we had a nice 45 minute wait by the side of the road, but eventually got her, and her boots, there in time for her to get about half an hour's worth of riding in.

Then we got Indian food for dinner, which was yummy, and discussed the N dilemma over dinner. She's got too much work. She's got to drop an AP class for a regular one. But the school doesn't want to do it. But they've got to -- she's only a kid.

Anyway, I think the discussion was a relief. It was a relief to me, anyway.

And now life in general seems better.

And it's cold!

And our heat works!

(And we have no guests!)

V. nice.

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