oh dear

2006-10-03 - 2:37 p.m.

Second entry for today --

Just had lunch with K and his mother. Quite pleasant, although not the absolutely best thing work-wise. We went to the tapas place nearby. It was tasty -- especially the deserts.

Anyway -- she confessed that she is still worrying about things more than she ought.

Also, I have a feeling that our decision not to go to Pittsburgh for Xmas may have hurt her feelings which hardly seems fair --

Oh dear.

But that's really unreasonable, I think, since we're the ones who travel every year. It doesn't seem too awful that for once we don't.

I guess I feel annoyed because I think she thinks it's that the girls want to be around their friends. But really, I think it's that the girls don't want to be bundled through three airports over their very short holiday when they'll probably also have 40 lbs of books each to lug along, too.

And it seems to me that we should get credit for having done just that for the past 15 years and that maybe someone else should have the joy of it this year.

On the other hand, I guess we are forcing my 80 something year old mother in law to do it instead of us. My 80 something year old mother in law who can't sleep under the best of circumstances anyway.


But on the other hand, this might be our very last chance!

Oh well -- there you have it. Now I've got stuff to do.

And also, I really do think we are pretty good about doing things we ought to do vis a vis relatives, and I think we really do have to think about doing things we want to do, too, occasionally. I mean you can't try to please your relatives all the time. That way really does lie madness.

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