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2006-10-04 - 10:02 a.m.

We hurried around last night to get everything inside (miscellaneous boxes, bookshelves, a spare cabinet) before the rain, and then it didn't rain! But then yard looks better, and I suppose it will rain eventually, so now we're ready.

I had a meeting for something-or-other last night, so I bought a pizza and E made a salad. M was at riding until late -- sort of a discombobulated evening. But E sort of put it all together -- she made a salad and set the table. I think it worked, actually. It used to be that when she came to visit she would pick the kids up and then take care of getting dinner ready, and I would just come home and eat. It was fabulous! I'd sort of forgotten that. Anyway, I was sort of worried about leaving her while I went off to this meeting, and leaving the kids, too, but I think it was actually good. She likes having something to do, and she's actually great at putting together meals from whatever's in the fridge. (She's a great cook.) So I think that actually worked. Plus, when I got home I had to go out again (to deliver a permission slip for M to go to a dance at MT's school -- I was supposed to do something with it earlier, but it completely slipped my mind) and N had completely caught up on ALL her homework. She'd done some phenomenal amount of work, including writing a paper.

So all in all, a good evening, all achieved while I was out of the house.

And this morning, I dropped everyone off and took the car to the shop for some kind of simple checkup, and it turns out that it needs some kind of 500 dollar new power steering fluid pump. Or something.

So I suppose that goes in the other column.

Anyway. Now I have to go.

My sock, however, continues to delight.

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