2006-10-06 - 8:59 a.m.

My god, this has been a long week. I suppose that's the way the fall always is. Kevin's mother, E, has been visiting us. She's actually a good visitor -- she cooks us dinner! she goes into the city by herself! Actually, her visit really is going pretty well -- recently she tends to worry about things competely out of all proportion. But I don't really see any evidence of that, which is great. I think she's recovering.

My brother and sister-in-law from Az came by last night. That was also not as stressful as I was expecting. They went out to eat, and then stopped by afterward. We can't really talk politics (he's a serious republican, although his wife, recently, is not). So we talked home repair. I am actually, I know it's hard to believe, utterly sick of home repair. She explained in great detail the complicated wiring that they have. I nearly passed out.

But -- because I am not really sick of home repair when it comes to our own house (actually, I am) -- we passed all the inspections! Yay! That is all done!

Then N and M have been scattering to the four winds every day after school, and there was car trouble which made it difficult to get them back again. And this weekend it seems that there's a lot going on -- parties and dances and concerts and more stuff coming back from storage.

Oh, and there was the rain to deal with, and getting everything out of the back yard.

And the LUPS thing I volunteer for, which meant one night out.

Anyway, no wonder I'm exhausted. At least it's the weekend. We can sleep a little bit late tomorrow, and then I really want to get stuff sorted arouind in the kitchen and the study and our bedroom. I think that will make things feel better.

Also -- I really love our bedroom. We took the sort of funny room that was originally just an outdoor porch, and at some time made into a sleeping porch. So that walls are funky and the windows are crappy. But I love it -- it's got windows on three sides and it looks down into the garden -- which is currently sort of a nature preserve, but even as that is really nice to look at. I sort of think people think we should have taken N's room and given her our bedroom (and partly we didn't just because you enter our bedroom through the study, which K wants -- although I'd really like to have it as more of a sitting room). But I actually really like our room.

So there!

Got to go.

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