mixed up

2006-10-13 - 9:50 a.m.

I'm feeling an odd mix of things lately.

On the one hand, our house is still a complete mess and therefore a little bit hard to live in. (I'm talking about the pile of boxes in the kitchen right in fron of the paper towel drawer.)

One the other hand, it does feel like we're settling in. The kids seem to have a school routine established. N brought E home after school today, which was great. Lately I felt like she would never bring a friend home again -- but that may have had something to do with the constant stream of visitors, too.

Anyway, despite the piles of boxes, it does seem like we're settling in.

Also, I don't exactly feel completely well. I'm not sure if I have a cold coming on, or if I'm just tired, or if the boxes are making me sick (seems possible). M and N keep complaining that they don't feel completely well, either. But despite this, I feel sort of energetic about doing things -- I have trees to plant and daffodils and books to put away and important things to knit.

It is very nice to be facing no major upheavals in our lives in the near future.

Strangely, it is N who misses our old house the most. The other day she said the new house still doesn't seem quite like a house -- it's too empty. She thought it would probably feel like home in a few years, "too late for me." Oh no! I think it will feel like home before then -- we;ve got to get the pictures up, etc.

But poor thing -- our old house did have a sort of cozy character (because it was so insanely small). People couldn't make tea without the whole house knowing.

I think soon enough the new house will feel like that -- it's an inherently cozy house, I think. Right now the dining room is really nothing but a box repository. Once we get that settled, I'm sure things will feel better.

Okay. that is all.

Second sock one third done ... Yay! I may hoard it for an xmas present. It's quite beautiful.

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