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2006-10-17 - 10:01 a.m.


My book group met at my house, which means I had to clean it up a bit, which was a good thing, because it looks a little nicer than it did.

The sewer was quite backed up, and the sewer guy was there for three hours. It's clear, but not optimal, and it needs to be replaced. Oh joy.

I like the sewer guy, though. He's another one of the Germans, and he's very cute, and apparently he's married to a woman who's quite a bit older than he is and every four years they take 6 months off and go on a bike trip. The last one was to New Zealand, and they may want to move there permanently.

N had a paper due, and insisted that she could write it while goofing around with E and in fact, she did. It still needs a bit of editing, but basically it's a good paper.


It was quite pleasant, after the sewer guy left, to run the dishwasher and then the washing machine. Now we have dishes again, and clean towels.

Next book: Gilead, which I've already read and liked a lot. It means I can read something else. N is reading The Scarlet Letter. I read it when I was her age. I think I might want to read it again. I'm reading the first Isabel Dalhousie mystery which, surprisingly, I'm liking a lot.

Happily, K seems quite excited about the new Yosem1te plan. He's researching wineries, and it seems that there are some. This is very good. Some of them are sort of near a historic gold rush town, so maybe we can do those things on the way back.

Also, it is fall. How pleasant.

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