2006-10-19 - 12:52 p.m.

Okay, so I'm just about to go out and get something to eat, but ...

(and hopefully it will be cold and autumnal outside, and not annoyingly hot)

At hope yesterday I got six (6) new skeins of amazingly beautiful sock yarn, and I am very excited about them! Plus, I ordered them from Germany, and I shared the shipping with another woman (who I don't know!) and she's going to come and pick hers up sometime later. How exciting! She got some very beautiful yarn, too. I wonder what it's for.

Also, my work today has required that I read -- well, consult -- this (you may not be able to read that, sorry -- and this. It's kind of interesting.

Also, I'm leaving a bit early because I have to go home and clear out a space for us to feed an old college friend who's in town. Hmmm. I'm thinking about making meatloaf. I personally love meatloaf (if it's not horrible, which it sometimes is). But the kids are a bit iffy about it, and K is too, I think. But somehow it's a perfect dish for fall. With baked potatoes. Beans would be good, but I think we have broccoli we need to eat. And bread, And I think there's cheese leftover from my bookgroup. And we can have Mallomars for dessert.

I'm already hungry!

Okay -- got to go.

Also, apparently I can retire at 60. That's just ... 13 years away. Oh my god, I'll never make it.

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